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Common Box Styles


Regular Slotted Container - RSC

This is a highly efficient design.

The RSC can be used for most products, and is the most
common box style. This box has 4 flaps (top and bottom).
The outer flaps meet in the center of the box.


Full-Over-Lap - FOL

The outer flaps equal the full width of the box.
This style is especially resistant to rough handling.
Stacked on its bottom panel, the overlapping flaps
provide added cushioning. Stacked on its side, the
extra thicknesses provide added stacking strength.

File Box With Lid

This box is used for document storage and easy

One-Piece Folder - OPF

This box loks like an iron cross when layed flat.
One piece folders (shown at right) are used for books
and other items shipped as single units.


Hinged Lid Container - HLC

This box is easy to assemble by rolling over and
locking the end flaps.

These boxes are often used when multiple re-entry is
required and all you do is tuck the hinged lid back
in place. It also offers strength, security and better

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